Authors reading picture books

So, I’m a children’s librarian. I’ve been one for 6 years. I didn’t start out as one, but life has a funny way of putting you where you need to be.

My library mostly has toddlers and slightly older kids. So I don’t read too much juvenile fiction. But I devour picture books.

Here are a few awesome picture book authors reading their books for your afternoon moment of Zen.


Eric Carle: The Very Hungry Caterpillar


Jennifer Black: We Are One

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Afternoon music break – Old skool electro

“Electro” is that weird, wonderful space where rap met Kraftwerk in the early 1980s. I remember listening to the Saturday night mastermix on WRKS in New York, and it was just one long electro remix. So for today’s afternoon music break, a bit of the electro funk.


Newcleus – Jam On It


Afrika Bambaata – Planet Rock

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