And after all is said and done

Laughter, by David Bergin, CC by SA 2.0

Living a good life is living to tell about it.

And after all is said and done, we will
remember these bygone days with glee.
The days when we felt our lives were still
full of meaning, when all that we could see
lay at our feet. We were as gods, so young
and full of promise, as if all we did
was right; not a single action was wrong.
Although, we could have so easily slid

into something we could not have foretold.
Being invincible has its own curse;
being young and headstrong can make things worse
than for one who, with a bald head and old,

looks upon his varied life with a grin,
smiling that he escaped the price of sin.

2 thoughts on “And after all is said and done”

  1. Oh my goodness, LL – so glad you are back writing here! Just made sure I was signed up to get notifications of new posts.

    This one – which coincidentally arrived on my birthday (Ha!) – is absolutely glorious.

    Thank you for sharing the goodness. Love this.


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