To Patreon or not to Patreon

So. Part of the reason I took up the blog once more is because I’m thinking about starting a Patreon page.

Now, I’m not expecting to earn enough money to quit my gig. I wouldn’t quit my gig anyway: you have no idea how much joy I get from the hugs I receive from my library kids. But, besides pecuniary benefits—which would go to paying off debt and saving for a down payment for a house—I feel that if I had paying patrons I’d be more prone to write on a regular basis.

I feel weird even considering it, as I write for the sake of writing. But of course I also hope to publish my various projects, so the monetary aspect of my writing is never far away from my thinking.

So I’m opening it up to my readers: to Patreon or not to Patreon?

2 thoughts on “To Patreon or not to Patreon”

  1. I say Patreon. You should be making money from what you write. I give monthly towards TPV. So I could give a small monthly donation towards this. Let me know, what you decide.

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