Morning funnies

It’s Monday. You may as well laugh.


Meh. It’s Monday. Only 4 more days.

3 thoughts on “Morning funnies”

  1. LL, these are funny!

    I’ve been trying to write to for several days , so now is the time…

    I enjoy your writing, so I want to point out a couple of things
    1) red hair was placed in a shoe box
    2) then she was laying in the hair
    3) then red hair was placed in a hat box.

    I enjoyed the story and would like to read more please 😊


    1. See, that’s what happens when I post a story that I wrote in, oh, 2005! I didn’t edit before I posted. Bad writer. VC already pointed that out. 😆 The “Dramas and Fables” is probably 3rd or 4th on my list of projects, but I think it could be interesting.

      Glad I got your morning off to a good start with the funnies. 🙂


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