Novels in Progress is dead; long live A Writing Corner!

Well hello there.

If you’ve followed me at all, you’ll remember I had a little blog called Novels in Progress. It was a space where I was going to publish chapters of my novel for critique and discussion

It never quite took off, as life kept interrupting. And, eventually, I found a circle of readers who would read chapters as I finished editing them, giving me feedback and encouragement.

But, mostly, I just never posted enough, as I was engaged in political writing on my other homes at The Obama Diary and The People’s View.

After the disappointing midterm elections, I started thinking that I needed a break from political writing. I have taken that break for the most part. But I also began to think that I needed to do something with my personal blog. The problem was that Novels in Progress didn’t quite fit what I wanted to do. I didn’t want to post excerpts from the two pieces I was working on. And the domain name was deceptive, as I wanted to post other things. So, although you can still see my previous effort, it won’t be updated.

Novels in Progress is dead.

Welcome to A Writing Corner.

What will you find in this corner? Well, a lot. Poetry. General essays. What I’m reading. A lot of stuff on my job as a librarian. Posts with a lot of Youtube music videos. Probably not much politics, as I’ll save that for The Obama Diary, but you never know. Basically, whatever tickles my fancy. Hopefully it will tickle you as well. And hopefully my life has settled down enough so that I can devote some time to my writing, as I also balance the editing of my first novel, the composition of my second, and just life in general.

(One day I was in the market close to my library. One of my Storytime kids was there with her mom. She tugged at her mom and said “Look, he’s not in the library!” Yes, they do let us out once in a while.)

I’m doing this mostly for myself, until some erudite literary agent gets my fat novel in her inbox and says “Yes, that’s a guy I wish to represent.” And probably even after that, although if that happens I’ll probably make the joint look a bit classier. Hopefully you’ll come along for the ride. I might make you cry. I might make you laugh. I’ll most likely make you go “WTF”.

Come on. The water’s warm.


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